Welcome to Conductor!  As you get started, you may have some initial questions on installations, submissions, product support, or other how-tos.  Here's a quick list of the most common troubleshooting questions out of the gate.


  • I installed Conductor, but when I click on the executable, nothing happens!
    • Conductor's installation is meant to operate in concert with other products, not as a standalone execution.  If you're using Maya, for instance, the install will create a Conductor tab in the ribbon, with an icon.  Once you load the scene in Maya and are ready to render, simply click the Conductor "C" icon, and a submission UI will appear, allowing you to guide the cloud rendering operation.


  • I opened Maya, and see the Conductor tab, but there's no icon!
    • Sometimes the Maya preferences interfere with the Conductor icon appearing in the ribbon, even though the Conductor tab is there. You can get around this by renaming your "Prefs" folder in the Maya installation to "Prefs_old", and restarting Maya. This will reset the UI, and you should now see the Conductor icon appear.


  • Sweet, I've run my first job!  But how do I download my rendered frames?
    • Our downloader is actually a command line operation. To download your frames, simply open a command prompt or terminal window, and run the following:

      conductor downloader

      This will run a daemon that will grab all available frames on your account. Typically once studios get running on the service, they'll keep this running, so as to remove the burden of individual downloads, and decouple downloads from individual machines. 

      In the interim, however, if you just want to download for a single job, run:

      conductor downloader --job_id <jobid>

      This will pull the available frames for your first job to the output file you specified at submission time.  For more info, look here.

    • We've also just released a new Companion App, that you can download here. It provides a graphical downloader interface for your completed frames.