Submitting Jobs to Conductor: Maya



To submit your maya scene for rendering, save your file in the Maya Ascii format (.ma) then simply launch the Conductor UI via the shelf menu


or launch the ui via python:

from conductor import submitter_maya


This area is where you will set the specifics of this job submission. 


Frame Range: Which frames to render. 
Step: Filters the Frame Range with a skip value. Default is set to 1 (every frame). A value of 5 would result in every 5th frame rendered, 10 would result in every 10th frame rendered.
Frame Chunk Size: How many frames to bundle in a single task. More explanation here.
Instance Type: What kind of machine to render it on. This will affect cost and speed! Here is the list of current available instance types. Match the needs of your file and speed to machine configuration.
Preemptible: Preemptible machines are offered at a considerable savings. Find out more here.
Project: An account can have numerous projects to track usage and set cost limits. Which project does this submission belong to? Find out about adding additional projects to your account here.
Render Layers: Which layers (and cameras) do you want to render? More about Render Layers here.
Upload Only: This collects and uploads dependencies without initiating rendering tasks. Find out more here.
Scout Frames: Scout frames are frames which will execute and finish first while the rest of the frames wait. Find out more here.


This tab set download location and notification emails.


Output Directory: when tasks are completed, this location determines where will they be downloaded. 
Notify on job completion: this list of emails will be notified upon the completion, preemption or failure of the job submitted. Separate email addresses with a space.

Job Software

This tab allows you to select versions of the software used to process your tasks. While the Conductor App will automatically detect the version of Maya, plugins and renderer used, you can overwrite the settings. This is not recommended as it may return  unexpected results. This tab is for solving software version mismatch errors. 


Job Software: This area indicates the versions of the software Conductor will use to process your job request.  
Available Software: If you would like to or need to overwrite which software is processing your job, you can select alternative versions in this area. As a note of caution, this may give undesirable results and should only be used if your local version is unavailable. For example, the local version of Vray is 3.40.04 and the Conductor versions available are 3.40.05 or 3.40.06. Select the version in the Available Software area and using the Add selected to Job button, add it to the Job Software list.
Reset UI
At anytime, you can reset the settings by using the Reset UI data button in the upper right corner of the submitter interface.

***Caution:Users adding softwares and plugins not needed for the job may still be charged for their use even without having them contribute to the end results***


Submitting Your Job 

After setting your job parameters, select the Submit Job button.


Conductor will collect your dependencies and upload your files.

If you have submitted this file as an upload only job earlier, or had submitted this file for rendering earlier, the Conductor App will only upload files that have been updated since the last submittal.


Once uploads are complete, you will receive a job number.


You can now monitor the progress of your job in the web interface.