What should I do if I run into problems?


We are constantly adding articles to the knowledge base (where you are now). We will also soon be adding page for release notes and a blog for general announcements and conversations. In the near future, we will also introduce a community shared forum for Conductor customers to share best practices, tips and tricks and support.

If you need more assistance, please use the Submit a Ticket above.


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Operating System (where applicable)

For those questions regarding use of our client tools, this pulldown will help us diagnose the potential unique characteristics that different operating systems present. Since our tools also contain a web interface, we included "Other" to cover mobile devices.


Plug-ins (where applicable)

Conductor has a list of supported plug-ins for tools like Maya, Nuke and others. Found here under each of the unique creation applications, this list continues to grow and change. Where applicable, please give us of an indication as to which supported and unsupported plug-ins are part of the submission to help diagnose your ticket request.

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