Conductor Update: Admin Action Items


Conductor Customer Admin Action Items

There are several one-time tasks we need you execute in order to insure that your Conductor services continue uninterrupted. Please follow this link to see what you'll need to do this after 6pm on July 23rd before you use Conductor again.

Customers running the Upload and Download daemons:

  1. After the update, revise all bookmarks to reflect the new web app address.
    • Notice the change in sub-domain to “id” for all users as well as the domain change to “".
  2. Also after the infrastructure changes, download and install the latest Conductor Client tools.
    • To do a clean install, please refer to the following link.
  3. When available, download a new API key from the Profile Page in the web app.
  4. Once downloaded, copy the API key to its forever home.
  5. Edit the config.yml to include API Key path. api_key_path: <path_to_downloaded_api_key>

We appreciate your help and patience with this one time event. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].