Conductor Update


What’s Changing and Why Should I Be Excited?

Conductor is hitting a new milestone and will be moving from Public Beta to General Availability status August 1st!
This upgrade is introducing a few new features, as well as a significantly improved secure user authentication workflow. After these updates have been implemented, artists will no longer required to download and install tokens to establish their permission settings. This will allow artists and administrators to be more mobile. All Conductor users will be able to login from anywhere. Also, accounts will no longer be tied to a studio specific sub-domain. This will eliminate the login address confusion.   

All users will be able to access the Conductor web app with the same address, Permissions and security settings will be associated with the user's email address and make management and security more straightforward.

Other new improvements with this new release.

This release also includes a number of updates to the Conductor Client tools and our web app. We are currently applying the final polish on a number of initiatives. Here is just a taste of some of the areas we are working on.

  1. Numerous updates to the Client Submission tools.
  2. Updates to the Web User Interface.
  3. Completely updated Uploader and Downloader applications.
  4. A new API. 

Check back August 1st to see the final list with complete details.

We appreciate your help and patience with this one time event. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at