Monitoring Account Usage


Artists and Administrators can display the Usage feature of the Conductor Web App to monitor spending and overall usage. 


Initially, you will get a snapshot of today's usage for the account. By manipulating various controls, you can get feedback on a number of other aspects of the account's Conductor usage.


Show Usage for:
Select the criteria for the usage graph. You may view usage for your entire Account, individual Project or by certain search Metadata.



  • Account: Displays data for the entire account.
  • Project: Displays data based on the selected project.
  • Metadata: If Metadata has been assigned during the job submission process, it can be used as search criteria to display usage data. Find out more about metadata here.


Accumulated Cost


Show a graph where costs accumulate along with the running cores (checked) or a bar graph of the spend in various time intervals (unchecked)

Accumulate Costs: Checked

Accumulate Costs: Unchecked

In the Checked graph, the yellow line represents the costs of running cores, and the spikes are generated from the processing of jobs. The teal area then represents the accumulative costs. Notice that after a spike, the teal area increases accordingly. There may not be a one to one accumulation due to account credits or payments.  

In the Unchecked version, we see a bar graph depicting the date and amount of individual costs occurred.

Time Period:

Select a time range for the usage graph.


Choices include:

  • Yesterday
  • Today
  • Month-to-Date
  • Custom

Month-to-Date reflects the charges that occur during a billing cycle.

Custom allows you to tailor the dates to see the time span to fit your needs. Simply input the dates desires and select the Go! button to focus your usage results. 


Usage Data

After assigning search criteria above, more specific data regarding usage is displayed.


  • Instance Types: Instance types give you an indication of the configuration of the machines used to generate the individual job per line items. 
  • Usage in minutes: The number of minutes the instances were engaged processing each job.  
  • Cost: Given the instance type specified and the number of minutes engaged with additional charges for license fee, the total cost per job incurred.  
  • Instance Total: Shows a cumulative total of all instance costs for the search criteria.
  • Storage: The storage line item shows the type of storage type, the cost per Gigabyte per month of the the storage consumed and the total storage used during the search criteria and the total cost of storage during the search criteria. As the cost of storage is amortized across the month, the value will rarely equal Price/GB x Usage in GB. 10.89 GB of storage created on the first of the month will cost differently than 10.89 GB of storage created on the last day of the month and everything inbetween.