Environment Variables


Every machine that is running a Conductor software plugin should set the following environment variables.

Required Environment Variables

  • PATH:  <conductor_dir>/bin
  • PYTHONPATH:   <conductor_dir>

Maya environment Variables

Provides maya shelf for convenient access to Job submitter UI. Please set these in the Maya.env file of your preferences. See Autodesk Page for more specifics for your OS

  • XBMLANGPATH: <conductor_dir>/conductor/resources
  • MAYA_SHELF_PATH : <conductor_dir>/maya_shelf
  • PYTHONPATH: <conductor_dir>:$PYTHONPATH 

Nuke environment Variables

Provides conductor menu  for convenient access to Job submitter UI

  • NUKE_PATH:  <conductor_dir>/nuke_menu 

You will need to add some python to your init.py file so that it can see the conductor client code:

import sys

Information about where the init.py file goes can be found: here

Optional DEBUG environment Variable

If the CONDUCTOR_DEVELOPMENT environment variable is set, the installed conductor software will output additional information when running on your local machine(s).  This can prove useful when debugging service-related issues.