Storage Management


After many years of customer feedback and experience, we've found that studios tend to retain their uploaded and generated files for the duration of a project, then want to remove all data from the cloud, to avoid ongoing charges. With this in mind we've simplified our storage procedure to perform a manual purge on request. Note this process can only be performed by an account admin.

To access your Storage option, proceed to the Admin page, and then to the Storage tab.


From here, you can request a full purge of the account data by pressing the Purge button.


Some considerations, as shown in the image above:

  • Be sure to download any rendered output data that has not yet been downloaded.
  • Consider whether future jobs may require any of these files (which could be burdensome to re-upload).
  • The purging process may take up to 24 hours to complete, so only proceed if you do not plan on running subsequent work in that time frame.

We strongly recommend maintaining your data storage until the project is complete, which maximizes the benefit of having files available in the cloud and minimizing upload times.