Adding/Managing Users



You may add a user or users at any time in the Administration tab of the Conductor web interface. In the web UI, simply enter the new user’s email address and click the “Add User” button.


The invitee will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the account.



If the new user will be an Administrator to the account, simply check the Admin option. Users can be given Admin rights at any time.

Managing Users


EMAIL: This is the email address of the users of the account.

STATUS: The status indicates the current standing of the email associated. 

  • Active
  • Inactive

ADMIN: Grants Administrative rights to the person or persons associated with the email. Checked indicates the email login has Administrative rights.

Deleting Users
There is currently no mechanism for deleting users from an account. Changing a user's status to Inactive will not allow any submissions or downloads to be associated with that account. Users can be removed by submitting a request to [email protected].