Submitting to Arnold or Vray


Many DCC applications support the creation of a native scene description file formats. Submitting these file formats can dramatically reduce the licensing required to process your job or can introduce the opportunity of using DCC's that are not yet on the supported application list. 

Chaos VRay

The .vrscene file format is an ASCII file that can be exported from Maya and other platforms that use V-Ray. It contains all the information about the scene such as geometry, lights and shaders, and can be rendered with the V-Ray Standalone. Additionally, .vrscene files from any V-Ray platform can be imported into V-Ray for Maya. This functionality can transfer lights and entire assets with their textures and materials between V-Ray platforms, while animation is also included. This workflow allows for scene creation in any V-Ray compatible application and submission to Conductor for processing. 

Autodesk Arnold

Like V-Ray's .vrscene file, Arnold's native scene description or Arnold Scene Source (*.ass) typically contains cameras, lights, model geometry and shaders as a list of nodes with their connections and parameters. The plug-ins Arnold for Maya and Arnold for Softimage can export these file formats.

Submitting ASCII files

Currently, the Conductor application does not have a graphical interface to submit these types of files. Submissions can be accomplished with command line instructions. Within these instructions, you can specify all of the parameters you would have set within the Conductor tools; application; frame range; use of preemptible instances; etc.

Refer to the Creating a Command Line Submission article to bring together the different commands for a successful submission.