Monitoring your job progress


From your web browser, log in to https://"Account Name", were "Account Name" is the account name used during sign up.

Along the left panel, navigate to My Jobs.


On the "Jobs" page, each row represents a submission. Here you can see the status, get basic job statistics and control next steps.



Pending: A pending status is reported as the job is being submitted to the cloud, dependencies are being uploaded or machine instances are being initiated.


Success: A success status indicates that all tasks of the job have been successfully completed.


Downloaded: A downloaded status indicates that all successful frames have been downloaded to a local location. Find out more about downloading results here.


Failed: A failed status indicates that some or all of the tasks have not completed.


Preempted: A preempted job was using preemptible instances that were taken away during the rendering process. Learn more about Preemptible Machines here.


Holding: A holding status indicates that the job had Scout frames as is waiting to process the rest of the job after the results have been reviewed and approved. A job can be manually put into a holding state as well.

Controlling your submissions 

Once uploaded, you can control your submission with several options at any time. With one or more rows selected, the right-click menu will present you with the following job control mechanisms:


Retry: This will retry all tasks in the job
Complete: This is a mostly cosmetic change that will set the job to a success state
Reviewed: This is just a label mechanism that will put the job in a 'Reviewed' state
Kill: This will kill any running tasks. First Hold (see below) the job to stop all progress, then use the Kill option to end all of its activity. 
Retry All Fails: This will retry all tasks that are in a 'failed' state
Set Priority...: You may increase or decrease the priority of a job. Please note that this functionality is currently limited to users with administrative privileges.
Retry Sync: If you suspect that the job is missing files during its execution, selecting 'Retry Sync' will place the job back in a 'sync pending' state and attempt to re-copy your uploaded files to the shared disk accessible by your render instances. It will also retry any failed tasks.
Un-Hold: This is helpful for scout frames that are submitted in a 'Holding' state. This will put them into a 'Pending' state for you.
Hold: If you have submitted a job and wish to temporarily pause frames, this is your option. It will place any task currently in a 'Pending' state into a 'Holding' state, where it will wait for you to 'Un-Hold' when you're ready.