Making the most from your config.yml


The Basics

Your individual installation of the Conductor software relies upon a configuration file named "config.yml". When you ran the configuration wizard in Getting & Installing Conductor Client the file was created for you with some basic defaults.

The default location for config.yml varies by platform:

 Platform Platform Default Location 
 Windows  %APPDATA%/ConductorIO/Conductor
 MacOS/OSX  ~/Library/Application Support/Conductor
 Ubuntu/Centos/RHEL  ~/.conductor


Setting Description  Notes
environment  Environment variables and their paths to be included during Conductor submissions

This will allow for users to include whatever environment variables they'd like to replicate their own local environment on Conductor.

projects This sets the available projects in the Conductor plugin UIs.

This is useful for when you want to narrow the number of projects available within the Conductor Submitter UI.

output_dir Defines a specific output directory for files to be downloaded to.

This can be used to override whatever might be defined in scene file settings.

upload_paths List of additional directory paths for Conductor to include with uploading files. If left blank, Conductor will simply upload whatever is found during file dependency scraping or what is included directly as an argument is doing a command line submission.
local_upload Boolean to toggle on/off doing a local upload.   This setting controls if the upload takes place from within the Submitter UI (True) or automatically from the Uploader daemon that needs to be run separately. (False).   Making this setting False and running the daemon is highly recommended.
api_key_path  The full path to the API Key file.  For those customers running Uploader and/or Downloader daemons. 
location Set a location - this is helpful to ensure that you download only the jobs that you submit from the same machine if running the downloader daemon locally. Use of location is highly recommended if you have an account