Making the most from your config.yml


The Basics

Your individual installation of the Conductor software relies upon a configuration file named "config.yml". When you ran the configuration wizard in Getting & Installing Conductor Client the file was created for you with some basic defaults.

The default location for config.yml varies by platform:

 Platform Platform Default Location 
 Windows  %APPDATA%/ConductorIO/Conductor
 MacOS/OSX  ~/Library/Application Support/Conductor
 Ubuntu/Centos/RHEL  ~/.conductor


Setting Description  Notes
account(legacy)  The 'site address' you entered when you signed up for your Conductor account 

legacy - no longer used

token_path (legacy) The full path to the CONDUCTOR_TOKEN file  If left blank, the Conductor App will default to the location set in the environment settings.
api_key_path  The full path to the API Key file.  For those customers running Uploader and/or Downloader daemons. 
url  The url to your Conductor instance Legacy setting (Not necessary) 




Advanced users can use the config.yml to set a number of path and environment variables.

Most importantly, for those that want to use additional scripts, plugins and shaders that aren't detectable to the file scraper.

For these locations, add upload directories as needed.

Some plugins will also require setting environment variables to have them function properly. 

Find examples here.