Using Cost Limits



Cost limits are a powerful tool in ensuring that order is maintained in the world of Conductor. Using cost limits, you can accomplish things like preventing a job from running longer than it should, track costs on a project, and prevent your account from spending more than your budget.

You may access cost limits from the 'Admin' page, via the 'Cost Limits' tab. From here, you can use the 'Create New Limit' button.


A dialog will come up with lots of parameters:


  • Type: What sort of cost limit will this be? Options include 'Account', 'Project', 'Job', or 'Metadata'. 'Account' will apply to any and all submissions on your account and will include storage. 'Project' will apply only to a particular account and does not (currently) include storage. 'Job' will apply to a single job. 'Metadata' will apply to a key/value pair of Metadata that is supplied by you to submissions. Read more about Metadata here.
  • Key: This will be what your cost limit will be applied to. For a Project it would be project name, for Job a job id, for Metadata it would be a metadata key. With Job selected above, the Key reads 'Job ID'.
  • Value: This is only used for Metadata type limits and would be the value that corresponds to the key you entered before. For instance, if your key was 'shot' your value might be the shot name.
  • Start Date: When to begin measuring this cost limit.
  • End Date: When the cost limit expires. This is optional, but also helpful for setting recurring limits
  • Recurring: Turning this on will cause the cost limit to renew itself once it has expired over a similar length of time. For instance, you may wish to prevent your account from spending more than $100 per month. To do this, you would create a recurring limit starting on the first of the month and ending on the last of the month. On the first of the following month, a new cost limit would be created for the duration of the next month for the same amount.
  • Action: When a cost limit is breached, something has to happen, right? This is where you specify that something. There are 3 options, in order of severity: Send Email (does just that), Hold Pending Tasks will allow running tasks to finish, but will not start any new ones, and finally Kill Frames will stop all running tasks and not pick up any more.
  • Limit: The amount of the limit. This can be in dollars or in minutes
  • Units: Whether the limit is dollars or minutes