IT Considerations


There are a number IT considerations that need to be reviewed in order for the Conductor experience to function properly in your environment. Please return as these lists will be continually updated.

File naming conventions
Currently, Conductor does not support spaces in the filename or file pathing.

Instead of servername\my projects\maya\default\scenes\shot
use servername\projects\maya\default\scenes\

UNC file pathing
Currently, Conductor does not support windows letter mapped or lettered drive conventions. Instead pathing must use UNC (Universal Naming Convention) for pathing.

Instead of P:\maya\default\scenes\
use servername\projects\maya\default\scenes\

Conductor URL whitelist
The following is the current list of domains that need to be whitelisted for Conductor to access necessary domains for success.

Clients: (for all artists and admin machines)*?*

Clients using Google auth: (All urls listed above for Clients plus)*****?**

Clients with local_upload=True: (All urls listed above for Clients plus)*?*

Upload / Download Daemons only:*?*

Port Access
All communication is done over port 443 (TCP).