Using Conductor


Q: What is the difference between a job and a task?
A Job is a single submission to Conductor. It contains one or more Tasks, which are items of work that will be executed on a compute instance. The most common example of this is the rendering of a frame. A shot which has 100 frames may be submitted to Conductor. This would result in a single job with 100 tasks.

Q: Will Conductor help me prioritize and manage my jobs?
You may increase or decrease the priority of a job. Please note that this functionality is currently limited to users with administrative privileges. Find out how.

Q: How do I get my renders back?
When a Job has been completed, the output data from that job is made available to download. A user can download the data by using the Conductor Downloader tool. The Downloader can operate in one of two modes: Manual(Explicit mode) or Automatic (Daemon mode). You can find more information here.

Q: Can I send my output to a different location?
Yes! This can be changed in two ways -- in the submitter UI or by specifying an alternate output path in the downloader.
In the submitter UI, click the 'Advanced' tab. There will be an output field that is pre-populated with the render output path from your scene file. You may change where the download of the job goes with this override.
From the downloader, specifying the '--output' flag will allow you to provide an alternate output location.

Q: How do I get support or submit a bug?
We’re here to help! The knowledge base (where you are now) has a number of articles on common pitfalls and errors. It's also a place where the Conductor engineering team will post updates and comments on upcoming fixes.

If you have a problem or notice something in Conductor that you believe is a bug or glitch with the system, we want to know! You can submit a ticket with all of the information by submitting a ticket and we will respond within 24 business hours. If you notice something that is more cosmetic in nature or that you would like to offer suggestions about, please let us know by using the Feature Request option in the Issue pulldown.

Q: How do I figure out why a job has failed?
Figuring out exactly why as job has failed or has an issue can be tricky. Here are some tips for the most common areas to start troubleshooting.

Q: How do I use custom plugins?
Conductor is built to support custom workflows, so we allow for use of custom plugins. Check here for instructions on how to use custom software.

Q: How is storage managed?
Anything that you've uploaded into Conductor stays securely stored until it's been more than 60 days since it was last accessed, at which point we automatically prune it to keep your storage costs down. Any files that are created in Conductor get stored there permanently, until your archive or delete them. Learn more about Storage Management here. If you have specific concerns around management of your data, please contact us at [email protected]

Q: Do you support standalone renderers?
We currently support submitting to standalone VRay and Arnold. While we are working on creating a submission tool for a graphical interface, customers can learn more about command-line submission tools here.

Q: Is there an API?
Yes, we do have an API. We're still adding many features and capabilities, so it's not available to the public yet. We'll let you know when the release date is announced!