Account Management


Q: What are projects for, and why do I need one?
A: Projects are categories for organizing your work. Projects are commonly used to organize productions, segregate and manage costs, and control user access. Every account must have at least one Project, but beyond that, it is up to you what will work best for your needs!

Q: How do cost limits work, and why would I use them?
A: Cost limits allow you to maintain control over the amount of spending that is done for a project or account. Cost limits can even be based around specific metadata - such as shot or user - that you define. In the administration section of the website you have the ability to set or adjust cost limits, though the combined total of project cost limits may not exceed the overall account limit. Find out more here.

Q: How do I tell how much of my cost limit I’ve used?
A: In the Account Administration section, you can see your project and account limits, and how much of the overall limit you have been charged so far.

Q: How do I add or manage a user?
A: You may add a user or users either during the account setup process, or later in the Administration tab of the Conductor web interface. In the web UI, simply enter the new user’s email address and click the “Add User” button.

Q: What are the permissions that a user can have?
A: At this time a user can be active or inactive, which gives them the ability to submit jobs to project they are members of. They can also be made an admin which will allow the user access to account data such as price limits and project setup. Find out more here.

Q: How do I update my payment information?
A: The person who is designated as the 'owner' of the account (generally the one who did the initial registration) may change the billing information via the "Payment Information" tab on the admin page.