The Conductor Cheat Sheet


For all Conductor Users

  1. Check the Tech Spec article to understand minimum specification requirements.
  2. Review Articles in the Conductor Overview
  3. Continue to your section below. You may fit into all one or all of the different type of Conductor user.

From the Account Owner's perspective.

  1. Setup your Studio's account.
  2. If applicable, invite account administrators and artist. This can also be done at the Administrator level.
  3. If you are also an account administrator, continue. 

From the Administrator's perspective.

  1. In the Conductor web app, access the Admin page to set up Users, Cost Limits and Projects.
  2. Setting up an optional uploading and/or downloading daemon machines? From the Conductor Web App, download your API key. Note it's final location.
  3. Monitor and manage storage from the Conductor Web app.
  4. Review the Administrator's Guide to get more insights on managing your Conductor projects and controlling costs.
  5. If you are also a contributing artist, continue below.

From the Artist's perspective.

  1. If you haven't already done so, accept the invitation to join Conductor.
  2. Download and install the Conductor Client tools for your machine's operating system.
  3. At render time, select the Conductor application in Autodesk Maya or The Foundry's Nuke. For all other applications, create the appropriate command line submission syntax. The first time you submit, this may require a one time configuration through the Conductor wizard.
  4. Monitor your job's progress.
  5. Download your images.
  6. Review some of the Best Practices to get more out of your Conductor submissions

Setting Up an Uploading and/or Downloading machine (Optional)


The Conductor submission tools automatically evaluate your assets for file dependencies. These files must be included in order for the job submission to complete as expected. This can be handled by the originating submission machine, or offloaded to an independent machine to free up artist resources. 

  1. Download and install the Conductor Client tools for the machine's operating system.
  2. Download the API key file to a safe place. Point to this file in your config.yml.
  3. Run the Uploader Daemon. From now on, jobs submitted at the artist's machines will be picked up by the Uploader and completed from the machine running the Uploading service.


The Conductor downloading tool is set, by default, to be run at the artist's discretion from their individual machines. Studio's can, instead, download all renderings for a project automatically to a centralized location. This service can be run from one of the artists machine, the Uploader (if configured) or an independent machine.

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the Uploading section.
  2. Run the Downloader Daemon